Cramming various clothing items onto a hanging rack or dumping them onto the floor is no way to get results when you are trying to sell clothes at a garage sale. The way that you display them will determine whether the clothes sell or not. It’s important to display the clothing items in a way that makes it easy for your customers to see the size and price of each item and what it looks like.

Things You'll Need

Set up tables to display non-hanging items such as sweaters, belts and scarves. Group each type and size of item — if applicable — in separate plastic bins or cardboard boxes and arrange them on top of the table so people don’t have to bend or squat to look at the merchandise. Label the outside of each box or bin with the price.

Group men’s, women’s and children’s shoes in separate bins or boxes by size and gender. Do the same if you have a large amount of belts. Wrap a large rubber-band around each pair of shoes to keep them together. Label the outside of each box or bin with a price.

Hang higher-priced clothes on a clothing rack, grouped by size, type and gender — all women’s dresses together in size order, all men’s pants together in incremental sizes. Post a general price list in plain sight for each type of item on the rack. Charge 1.99 for each pair of pants and 2.99 for each dress.

Make sure there’s enough space between the clothes so customers can browse the items without frustration. If you don’t have a rack, make your own out of a piece of rope tied to two objects across the ceiling of the garage.