No matter what weight you are, abdominal bloating is unattractive, is uncomfortable and may make it difficult to fit into ones clothing. Whether you're rail thin or have a bit of extra padding, there is no reason to show the world your belly. Additionally, some clothing and foods will accentuate the problem—depending on the cause. Read on for tips on how to disguise abdominal bloating and minimize its effects.

How to Hide a Bloated Stomach

Address the cause of the abdominal bloating if possible but do not risk your health to look a few pounds lighter. While a one-time use of a diuretic may not hurt and help you fit into a special occasion dress, frequent or regular use can cause mineral depletion and other imbalances. If gas is the culprit, consult with your physician about diet and gas-relieving remedies that may be safely taken.

Eliminate or reduce sodium, carbonated beverages and sugary drinks from your diet whether your bloating is caused by your menstrual period or intestinal irregularity. Depending on the cause, and your general health, you may wish to cut back on fiber and lactose or milk as well as any known offenders in your diet which produce gas.

Wear hip huggers rather than waist-cut jeans or low-riders to best disguise abdominal bloating. This creates an illusion of a smaller stomach, whereas the other styles actually accentuate a puffy tummy. The alternative is pants or skirts with a loose-fitting waist.

Wear tops that flow from the waist or above. If you detest the sloppy look of T-shirts this makes for an attractive option. If this style does not suit you, or is unavailable, you can wear a belt around your waist and gather the bottom of the shirt at your sides.

Wear pants or skirts in dark solid colors or with vertical pin-stripes to slim the body line. This helps both to disguise abdominal bloating and weight gain.

Consider a vest, cardigan, or blazer depending on your style and the weather. Layers are an effective way to draw the eye away from ones stomach.

Enhance your looks from your chest up so that few will be looking at your pouch. An attractive neckline, attention-getting jewelry, scarves, a pleasing hairstyle and makeup will have you feeling good about how you look as well as work to disguise abdominal bloating.


  • Try exercise as a healthy way to reduce abdominal bloating and improve well-being. This will promote good posture, intestinal regularity and reduction of excess fluid.