The fashion preferences and needs of women often change as they mature. A woman in her 60s, while wanting to remain fashion-forward, may opt for more timeless pieces than trendy. She may want something that’s flattering but still comfortable. If you’re planning to design clothes for this demographic, you will have to do plenty of research. You will have to be able to sketch out your ideas, too. This fashion sketch will be the beginning of your basic business plan.

Things You'll Need

Research the demographics. Trend analysis is the thought behind today’s fashion designs. Observe what women in their 60s and older are wearing. Figure out where they’re shopping. Look up stores such as Chico’s and Lane Bryant for the newest styles and fashion ideas. Try to incorporate this research into your fashion ideas.

Sketch a fashion model neatly with a pencil. Begin by lightly drawing the outline of the body. After the outline is traced, fill out the shape of her body. Add more muscle contours, bone structure and other features that will resemble your older woman’s body.

Draw the outline of clothes over the model’s body. Start with the midsection. Use a pencil again, because you will most likely be making a lot of adjustments. Outline a nice top that would flatter an older woman, perhaps an elegant silk blouse or maybe a button-up jacket. Now draw in the model’s skirt or pants, perhaps velvet pants with an elastic waste or a knee-high business skirt.

Mold the outlines of the clothing according to your model’s body type. Add weight to the clothes and places where creases should go. This might take a lot of drawing and erasing–to make your clothes hang correctly. The clothes should end up looking as though a mature woman is wearing them.

Bring out your colored pencils. Color in the clothes according to your choice of palette, perhaps canary yellow and pastels if you’re designing summer apparel or maroon, vanilla and dark orange if you’re designing for autumn. Light shading will be best to complete this step.

Outline important textures over the colored fashions to indicate the material you’re using. Draw in this texture subtly with a thin black marker. Don’t overwhelm the drawing with it–lightly going over the clothes with the texture will do. This will complete your concept.

Add complementing accessories, and color in the rest of the fashion sketch. Now that you see the key concepts of your outfit, add shoes, hats, a scarf or some jewelry.