Whether cubed, diced, pureed or sliced, fresh watermelon lends itself to plenty of recipes, from sorbet to salsa to salad. Few of these diverse recipes, however, call for watermelon seeds. Juicy pink watermelons have so many seeds that spitting has become synonymous with eating this fruit; however, it only takes a bit of elbow grease and a sharp knife to completely deseed your melon, leaving you free to prepare the recipe or snack of your choice.

Things You'll Need

Wash your hands thoroughly, then run the whole watermelon under cool tap water, rinsing its entire surface. Pat the melon dry with paper towels before cutting it open.

Situate the watermelon horizontally on a large cutting board. With a clean, sharp paring knife, carefully cut off the two rounded ends, or crowns, of the melon, stabilizing the body of the fruit with your free hand as you cut. This step isn’t essential, but it makes cutting and deseeding the rest of the melon easier.

Slice the watermelon cleanly in half, lengthwise. Cut each half of the melon in half once again, quartering the melon.

Place a quarter of the watermelon face-down, so that the flesh is on the cutting board and the skin faces up. Cut the quarter into slices. Thickness here can vary depending on how you wish to prepare the melon — cut thin slices to enjoy the melon as finger food or thick slices if you plan on cubing the melon.

Hold a slice of the melon over a receptacle. In the pink flesh of the fruit, you’ll see a neat, curved row of seeds. This is called the “seed line.” Gently brush the line of the seeds downward with a fork, causing the seeds to fall into the receptacle. Repeat this slicing and scraping process with each slice of melon to completely deseed the fruit.


  • Refrigerate the melon immediately if you don’t plan on serving it right away.

  • Scrape the watermelon seeds into an airtight container and save them for later to make roasted watermelon seeds. Simply wash and dry the seeds, toss them in a mixture of olive oil and savory seasonings and cook them in the oven on a baking sheet at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 to 40 minutes for a crunchy — not to mention healthy — snack.