Deodorizing shoes with medicated powder can be a thing of the past once you realize that a simple solution to sweaty foot odor exists in your kitchen cabinet. Grab some salt and moistened paper towels to begin experiencing odorless shoes at a fraction of the cost of medicated powders.

Pick up your shoes and shake them out. Bump their soles together to dislodge dirt or other residue inside and then turn them upside down over a trash can to dispose of it.

Remove any special insoles that you have inside the shoes.

Take a moistened paper towel and gently clean the inner sole. Keep cleaning until oils stop appearing on the paper towel.

Allow the soles to air dry.

Sprinkle salt into the shoes. Cover the entire sole, but pay special attention to areas of the foot that sweat the most like the toes and heels. Aiming for these areas helps the salt absorb excess moisture and neutralizes current smells.

Rub the salt into the shoe’s inner sole using a paper towel wrapped tightly around your finger.

Replace any special soles with new ones. If the soles are permanent, clean them. Treat the replaced soles with salt, too.

Let your shoes sit for a few hours while the salt works.

Shake out any excess salt before wearing your shoes.

Increase treatments during high-temperature weather or during activities that cause your feet to sweat.