Food is often dehydrated for backpacking or other outdoor activities because the light weight and fast cooking time of dehydrated food makes it convenient to pack and quick to cook. Dehydrated food is also useful in emergency situations because the food has a long shelf life and cooking is as easy as adding boiling water and stirring. Dehydrating food prevents the food from growing bacteria or rotting as it leaves the food with very little moisture. The process of dehydrating also preserves nutrients, flavor and color.

Measure out the amount of beans you would like to dehydrate.

Spread the cooked beans onto cookie sheets. Space the beans evenly.

Place the cookie sheets into the oven and cook at 120 degrees Fahrenheit for six to eight hours.

Test that the beans are ready by placing one in a cup of cold water. If the bean rehydrates in the cold water, you can be sure it will rehydrate even faster in boiling water. Remove the trays from the oven. Let cool.

Place the beans in an airtight, sealed container. To rehydrate, bring 1 cup of water and 1 cup of beans to boil. Cover the pot, remove from heat and let it stand for five minutes. This will make you 2 cups of cooked beans.