Baseball macarons are so simple to create.

Jamie Shields

Game-day food can be so predictable—chips, dips, pizza. Step up your game with these sports ball macarons! Soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball and tennis – whatever sport you’re watching, there’s a macaron to match. Let’s play ball!

Sports lovers will adore these macarons.

Jamie Shields

Pre-made macarons make this project so simple.

Jamie Shields

Curved black lines create a volleyball macaron.

Jamie Shields

Start with the easiest sports balls and work your way up.

For the football: Draw a black line halfway across the middle of the red macaron. Draw short perpendicular lines across the initial line.

For the tennis ball: Draw two black curves on the green macaron.

For the baseball: Draw two red curves on the white macaron. Add stitching detail by drawing Vs along the curves.

For the basketball: Draw a black vertical and horizontal line down the middle of the orange macaron. Draw two curves.

For the soccer ball: Draw a black hexagon pattern on the white macaron. Fill in alternating hexagons with black.

For the volleyball: Draw a black dot just off the center towards the top right corner of the yellow macaron. Draw three slightly curved lines from the dot towards the edges so the macaroon is divided into three sections. Draw two to three more lines parallel to each of the first three lines.

They make a perfect gift for any sports lover.

Jamie Shields

The volleyball, baseball and soccer ball macarons.

Jamie Shields

Display them on faux grass.

Jamie Shields


Serve these sporty treats on top of a piece of faux grass for a winning display!