If you’ve got a few pairs of shoes in your closet that you love but are a little bored with, don’t get rid of them — dress them up instead. Shoe clips give you a clever, affordable way to decorate an otherwise plain pair of shoes. There are plenty of cute styles out there, and you can save a few bucks while creating something totally unique if you design the clips yourself. All you need is a set of plain clips and some interesting supplies to make new accessories for your old shoes.

Things You'll Need

Cut two pieces of grosgrain ribbon, each 6 inches long. Tie each piece into a bow. Adjust the loops and end tails until they are even.

Secure the knots on the bows by hand-stitching three or four stitches at the knot.

Place one satin rosette on the knot of one bow and hot glue it into place. Repeat with the second rosette and bow. Let the ornaments sit for two minutes to dry.

Take one of the rosette-bows and center it on one of the shoe clips. With a needle and thread, stitch the ornament onto the clip. Use large stitches that loop through the bars of the clip and back up through the base of the rosette. Repeat until you’ve worked through six stitches.

Repeat Step 4 with the second clip.


  • If you don’t have shoe clips, you can substitute with alligator clips. These can be found in the hair-care section of most discount stores.