Department stores and fashion boutiques command high prices for designer jeans. Avoid paying outrageous prices and get exactly what you want by making your own fashion statement. By simply learning a few ways to decorate the pockets on your favorite jeans, you can have a pair of stylish pants that are truly one-of-a-kind designer originals.

Select a style of jeans that you enjoy wearing and that fits well.

Iron on a favorite patch or piece of embroidery to the pocket for a fast and easy embellishment. These are available in a variety of designs, colors and fabrics at sewing supply shops, grocery stores and big box retailers.

Visit a craft store and choose from a selection of fun materials and trinkets, like lace, buttons, faux jewels, fabric, beaded trim and ribbon. Use a good-quality fabric glue (one that stands up to machine washing) to attach these items or sew on using a strong embroidery thread. Apply studs or rhinestones in a geometric design or in a pattern (like a heart or a flower), punching them through the fabric and pressing down the prongs in the back.

Paint a bold motif on the pockets using craft paint and stencils. Artistic types can also try free-handing a design.

Color and “age” the pockets. Spray bleach directly on the pockets to lighten them; you can even use a stencil to create a special motif. Apply a rust-colored dye and fixative or rub a little spray-on sunscreen around the pocket edges to darken them and give your jeans a more worn appearance.

Mix and match a couple of different techniques for an even more personalized look. Do so in moderation, however; a simple patch may look adorable outlined in a few rhinestones.