Hunting cakes can be made for special occasions, such as when a hunter gets his first deer, or when a child successfully completes a required hunter education course. Whatever the reason, making a hunting cake to celebrate is a tasty way to mark the occasion. Make an even bigger impact by decorating your cake with a distinctive hunting theme.

Things You'll Need

Use food coloring to create different shades of green and brown out of white icing, then create a camouflage pattern on the cake. Use a camouflage shirt or pair of pants as a visual guide.

Create a hunting landscape. Add silk fall-colored maple leaves along the sides. Use small trees (which can be purchased at any model or hobby store) to create a forest on the top of a round or sheet cake. Use blue icing to create a winding stream through the forest. Add a couple of plastic deer, which can be purchased at any hobby or model shop and at some toy stores.

Design a shrine to your hunter’s favorite animal. If he or she loves to hunt ducks, create a cake that features a duck on top, or a lake with several ducks in it. You can buy plastic ducks of various sizes at any hobby or model shop. Alternately, top a brown-frosted cake with antlers or a deer head, which can be purchased at the link below.

Thoroughly clean empty shotgun shells, and use them to cover the cake for a unique and visually stunning look.

An alternative is to create the outline of an animal by cutting the cake into the shape of an animal or the animal’s head. For example, the outline of a duck can be cut from a sheet cake. Decorate the duck as realistically as possible, even using real duck feathers, which can be purchased at any craft store if you don’t have them at home.


  • Small camouflage cupcakes topped with a single shotgun shell are an amusing alternative to a hunting cake.