Strawberries are a refreshingly sweet and attractive option for decorating almost any kind of cake. Top frosted cakes with sliced strawberries in an intricate design, or halve them for a more simple, but festive look. Cheesecake, trifles and angel food cake all work well with softened, macerated berries smothered in their own juices. Always choose the freshest strawberries for the best results.

Things You'll Need

Strawberry Flowers

Cut off the stems from each strawberry with a paring knife. Slice the strawberries lengthwise into 1/8- to 1/4-inch-thick pieces.

Place the strawberries on a frosted cake, starting from the outer edge, with the points facing out.

Add another ring of strawberries inside of the first ring, arranging them so they slightly overlap the first ring. They should be set in between the spaces created by the first ring of strawberries.

Continue adding more rings of strawberries until you reach the center and have covered the entire top of the cake. The strawberries will start to slightly stand due to the overlapping, creating a floral, decorative shape.

Cover the sides of the cake with a layer of sliced strawberries as well, if you prefer to have the entire cake covered in strawberries.

American Flag Cake

Slice off the stems and cut each strawberry in half.

Place a cluster of blueberries in the upper left corner of a frosted sheet cake, slightly spaced apart, to represent the stars of the U.S. flag.

Arrange even horizontal rows of strawberries to represent stripes. Place them flat side down, across the rest of the sheet cake, leaving about an inch of space between the rows. Fill in the spaces between the strawberries with whipped cream.

Macerated Strawberry Topping

Slice or chop up strawberries, depending on your preference, and place into a mixing bowl.

Sprinkle sugar on top of the strawberry and mix lightly. Use about 2 tablespoons of sugar for every pound of strawberries.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to 1 hour to allow the strawberries time to release their juices. Spoon the strawberry mixture on top of cheesecake or angel food cake.


  • To give your American flag cake more height, keep the strawberries whole. Just slice off the stems and place them on the cake, pointed side up in even rows.

  • You can macerate the strawberries in flavorful liquids, in addition to the sugar, such as orange juice, wine, balsamic vinegar and orange-flavored liqueur.