Cake decorating is a fun activity that allows you to show off your creativity. If the recipient of the cake is involved in track and field, you can individualize the cake by decorating it with a design that reflects his love of the sport. All of the accessories that you’ll need are available at your local party store. If you are short on time, you can purchase a sheet cake from your local bakery and add the icing and decorations.

Things You'll Need

Use your spatula to apply white icing to the quarter sheet cake. Completely cover the top and sides of the cake. Smooth the icing with your spatula so that it is level across the top of the cake.

Separate out one third of a container (or batch) of white icing. Mix three drops of green food coloring into the icing. Add 1/4 cup of coconut to the green icing to make it look more like grass. Apply the green icing to the top of the cake, spreading it evenly with your spatula.

Separate out another third of the icing, and mix two drops of red food coloring into it. Spoon the icing into a food storage bag, and cut off one corner–about 1 inch in size–of the bag.

Apply the red icing in an oval shape around the cake. Make two straight lines–one across the bottom and one across the top of the cake, each stopping a few inches from the sides of the cake–and then connect them with a semi-circle to complete the running track. Use the spatula to smooth out the red icing over the green grass.

Place the final third of the white icing into a storage bag, and cut a small dot portion off the end. Apply white lines that run all the way around the oval track to mimic runner’s lanes–either six or eight. Place the white lines on the track at evenly spaced intervals.

Use the white icing to create some staggered lines across the lanes and, for a finishing touch, place some of your track figures on the track so that it looks like they are racing in a meet.


  • Purchase a cake decorating kit from a party supplier that will give you many different decorative tip options with a pastry bag for only a few dollars, if you are going to decorate more than a few cakes.