A cake in the shape of a cross is a popular dessert idea for a christening, baptism, First Holy Communion, confirmation or any other religious celebration. Regardless of how good the cake recipe may be, it is the presentation that people will remember. A well-decorated cake makes a beautiful focal point as a centerpiece and is sure to have your guests’ mouths watering in no time. Decorating a cross cake requires some basic cake decorating skills, time and patience.

Things You'll Need

Bake the cake in a cross-shaped cake pan. Cut a basic square or rectangular cake into the shape of a cross if you do not have a shaped cake pan. Remove the cake from the oven and allow to cool completely. Add fillings, if desired.

Prepare buttercream frosting according to your preferred recipe. Make 5 cups of frosting to decorate a standard, 16-serving cake (1 packaged cake mix). Reserve 3 cups of frosting for the white base, and set aside 2 cups to be tinted and used for flowers and other decorative touches.

Prepare the cake board. Measure the length and width of the cake pan, and cut the cake board into the shape of a cross slightly larger than the measurements of the pan, or leave the cake board in its basic rectangular shape. Lay a sheet of decorative foil face down on your work surface. Place cake board face down in the center of the foil. Lift the edges of the foil up and fold over to cover the board. Flatten smooth with your hands.

Divide the 2 cups of frosting reserved for tinting into small glass bowls in the number of colors you will need (e.g., 3 bowls if you are tinting 3 colors). Cover the bowls with foil, and set aside.

Add 1 1/2 cups of corn syrup to the 3 cups of frosting to thin it. Place the cake on a large cutting board and apply frosting with a spatula to create a base crumb coat that will seal in any loose crumbs. Place the cake and remaining frosting in refrigerator for 1 hour.

While the cake is chilling, tint the reserved cups of frosting. Add a few drops of food coloring or icing tint to the frosting and stir well until completely blended. Add more drops as necessary to deepen the color. Cover the frosting with foil, and place it in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Remove the chilled cake and white frosting from the refrigerator. Transfer the cake from the cutting board to the cake board. Center the cake carefully on the board.

Apply a second coat of white frosting to the entire cake. Use the spatula to smooth the layer flat. Scrape off any excess frosting with the angled spatula and return it to the bowl. Continue to spread frosting around until it is completely smooth.

Place a thick tip in a frosting bag, and fill the bag with the remaining white frosting. Pipe the frosting around the entire edge of the cake to create an outlined border. Hold the tip just above the cake and squeeze the bag lightly to dispense frosting. Pull the bag across the cake slowly to create the desired effect.

Place the writing tip into a clean frosting bag and add the desired color of frosting. Pipe the frosting along the center of the cake, and scroll your message.

Use different tips with different-colored frosting in bags to create various designs on the cake. Add colored scrolls or outlines, dots, stars or flowers with leaves. Follow the instructions provided with the frosting bag and tip kit to make various designs.


  • Ready-made icing flowers and leaves can be purchased and added to the frosted cake. This can save time and allows you to create a professional floral finish on the cake even if you do not have the skills to create the flowers by hand.