Give your guests a slithering surprise with a snake-shaped cake at your next party. Make this cake for an outdoor-themed event or to please a snake loving person for her birthday. You can change the color of the frosting to make a specific breed of snake or create a fantasy snake with purple or blue frosting. Decorate the snake with candies that are favored by the cake recipient or add gummy snakes around the snake to symbolize baby snakes.

Things You'll Need

Choose a flavor of cake mix for your snake cake and a flavor of instant pudding mix that coordinates with the cake flavor, such as vanilla pudding with a yellow cake; the pudding helps the cake hold up when shaped as the snake. Mix two boxes of cake mix according to the directions on the box and add two boxes of instant pudding mix in with the dry ingredients. Bake the mixture in two Bundt cake pans.

Cover the top of your cardboard sheet with aluminum foil.

Let the baked cakes cool completely. Cut each cake in half from the top end to the bottom using a serrated knife. Place the moon shapes on the covered piece of cardboard so the ends of the cakes meet one another and the cakes are in an “S” shape.

Slide the inner portions of cake away from the shape and spread a thin layer of chocolate frosting on the connecting ends with a spatula to work as glue for the snake. Replace the cake halves into the snake shape.

Cut the ends of the snake cake into pointed tips with a paring knife. Cover the outside of the cake with chocolate frosting. Place a row of candy-coated round chocolate pieces down each side of the top of the snake cake.

Use a paring knife to cut 10 small triangles and a forked tongue out of red fruit leather. Line the triangle pieces down the center of the snake’s back. Stick the forked tongue in the snake’s head so the forked end is protruding out. Stick two cinnamon disc candies on the top of the head for the snake’s eyes.


  • You could bake two different flavors for each of the cake rounds, such as chocolate and vanilla or strawberry and lemon.