When you wake up in the morning to puffy eyes that don’t disappear after your first few sips of coffee and a shower, it’s time for some serious action. Fortunately, you have a ton of easy-to-accomplish options for combating inflammation surrounding those beautiful peepers. From making some careful choices throughout the day, that will see you looking fresh as a daisy in the morning, to choosing effective on-the-spot treatments and beauty tricks, you’ll be on your way to bright, de-puffed eyes in no time.

Things You'll Need

Sleep with your head propped up on pillows to help reduce the collection of fluids beneath your eyes. Aim for a full night’s rest; lack of sleep can contribute to puffy eyes. Try a natural method in the morning to de-puff your eyes, either laying a fresh cucumber slice over each eye, or cold, steeped black or chamomile teabags to decrease inflammation.

Apply creams or serums to your eyes that are specially formulated for extended help with reducing puffiness. Gently tap the product around eyes with your ring finger to avoid irritating this delicate skin.

Apply a gel or cream to the puffy area surrounding your eyes with caffeine as the key ingredient; caffeine helps shrink the bags under your eyes while tightening skin for a tauter, immediate effect.

Treat yourself to a moisturizing eye mask treatment when you have extra time. Apply the mask when your eyes are puffiest — likely first thing in the morning — to instantly create the look of well-rested eyes.


  • Increase your water intake and decrease the amount of salt you eat every day to help prevent fluid retention that often results in puffy eyes.