The subject of study for hundreds of years, apple cider vinegar is an accepted home remedy for toenail fungus. Even Hippocrates, often called the “father of modern medicine” extolled the benefits of vinegar and recommended it as a natural detoxing agent. The benefits of this fruity vinegar is it’s strength as an antiseptic and the 30 nutrients it contains. Rather than soaking your whole foot, save money and time by dabbing fungal affected areas on the feet. Results may take up to a year, but steady treatment will bring positive results.

Wash your feet and toenails with a wet clean cloth and antibacterial soap. Rinse the soap away with cool water, then pat your feet dry.

Remove the lid from the vinegar and place a cotton pad or ball over the opening. Flip the bottle sideways soaking the cotton with vinegar.

Rub the toenail thoroughly with the cotton ball. If treating several toes, use a fresh piece of cotton for each toenail to avoid spreading the fungus. Do this three times a day to treat fungal infections.

Soak a cloth with the vinegar and wipe down your feet. Rub the skin between the toes, on the tops and the bottoms too. Use one cloth for each foot to avoid transferring foot infections. Do this once a day to sanitize the feet and soothe the skin.


  • Apple cider vinegar is useful for treating foot sunburns and rashes.