Creating a new style can be as easy as knowing how to use a pair of scissors. As warm weather sets in, designer tees, tanks and shorts take on new meaning. Instead of breaking the bank shopping at your favorite store for that ideal rock star tee, punk wear or Gothic tank, take a little time to search in your very own closet. You may find some old shirts and sweaters that will inspire you to cut your clothes rock style.

Things You'll Need

Lay an old T-shirt or sweater on a flat surface, with the front facing upward.

Measure about an inch or so away from the neckline on the shirt, and make a little snip on each side. Work with sharp scissors to achieve cleaner cuts.

Start at the first snip you made, and cut a straight, flat line across to connect the two snips. Turn the shirt over, and follow the line you made in the front. Cut the line high or low, depending on how you want the shirt to hang off your shoulders.

Create a back design on your rock shirt. Cut out a rectangle shape in the center of the backside of the top. Style the rectangle shape into 10 spaghetti-size strings, and sew each string back into the cut-out space on the shirt so they overlap in a crisscross fashion.

Cut the sleeves off the shirt about an inch away from the shoulder on each side.

Cut the bottom hem off to create a curly edge effect, recommends Washing the shirt in cold water and letting it hang dry will yield the best results.


  • Style your T-shirt or sweatshirt to hang either high or low off the shoulders, and wear a colorful tank top to complement it. Tank tops create the rock-style feel if paired with stretch pants or stylish spandex. Recycle old clothing that may be stored away in your home.

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