One of the easiest ways to make an oversized T-shirt fit you is to learn how to cut and tie it. This technique is popular among teen girls to get a cool new twist on an old T-shirt. With a T-shirt, old or new, and a pair of scissors, you’ll have new shirt to wear over jeans. It’s best to use a jersey T-shirt because they cut and fringe the best without fraying at the ends.

Things You'll Need

Lay the T-shirt flat onto a hard surface.

Cut the edges from the neckline.

Flip the T-shirt over so the back of the shirt is facing up. Place a ruler vertically on the back of the shirt, centered. Use the marker to draw a line down the length of the shirt. Place the ruler horizontally on the back of the shirt, and draw lines from one seam to the other. The more lines, the more ties.

Cut the shirt in half on the vertical line with the scissors. Then, cut each horizontal line.

Tie each horizontal cut on one side to the matching cut on the opposite side. You can tie each one individually, or you can tie two cuts on one sides with two cuts on the other side–whatever you like.

Put on the T-shirt. Have a friend help adjust the ties in the back so they fit you properly. Tie each tie into a double-knot to secure.