How to Cut the Rind Off Brie

By Zora Hughes

To eat or not to eat the rind. That is the question for brie cheese. Brie, imported from France, is a very soft, creamy cheese, encased in a rind. The rind is natural and completely edible, but many choose to remove it, not enjoying the taste or texture. However, the rind helps to hold the cheese together, as it can get almost liquid-like at room temperature. Cutting the top rind off allows for easy access to the cheese, while still keeping the sides and bottom rind to help it keep its shape.


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Step 1

Place the wrapped wheel of brie cheese in the freezer for one hour to harden.


Step 2

Place the chilled wheel of cheese on a clean cutting board and unwrap.


Step 3

Line a sharp butcher knife up to the top edge of cheese wheel and cut into the cheese to take the top rind off, using long strokes. Stay as close to the rind as possible so as not to lose too much of the actual cheese.


Step 4

Keep the side and bottom rind on to help hold the cheese and prevent a mess when the cheese softens at room temperature.