Similar to flank steak, a skirt steak is a thin cut of meat that comes from the underside flank of a cow. This steak is more tender than the flank. both skirt and flank steaks contain high amounts of marbled fat within the meat. Skirt steaks must be cooked quickly to preserve their tender texture and juicy flavor. After it’s cooked, steaks must be sliced properly to make consumption easy. Use the correct method to cut up your skirt steak for your next recipe.

Things You'll Need

Place a cooked steak on a cutting board.

Place a meat fork in the center of the steak to steady the meat.

Cut across the grain of the meat with a sharp, flat-bladed knife. Slice the meat into thin strips for the easiest consumption.

Trim away any fat on the outside edges of the meat. Serve the steak immediately.