Choppy bangs can be cut on your own. The design lends itself to a deliberately haphazard, non-uniform look, making it a DIY- friendly project even if you’re new to cutting your own bangs. Using a technique called point cutting — creating V-shaped cuts out of your bangs — all you need is a mirror and some sharp scissors to significantly change your hairstyle.

Things You'll Need

Section off your bangs with a comb, holding the rest of your hair back and out of the way with hair clips.

Straighten your bangs by sliding your fingers straight down the bangs, then cutting straight across under your fingers with your scissors.

Point your scissors upward. Make small “V” cuts in your bangs at 45 degree angles. Make larger “V” cuts for a more dramatic effect.

Comb your bangs down to examine the effect of your work. Fine-tune your bangs as needed, until you’re satisfied with the results.