Encouraging a child to eat fruits and vegetables can take some strategy on the part of parents. If your child will eat them, but you just want to make meals extra festive, learn how to cut apples into fun shapes. There are a myriad of shapes to try. As it is difficult to carve up an apple, you will need to first peel and core apples before creating the shapes.

Things You'll Need

Peel the skin off of the apples using an apple peeler or a sharp knife. Start at the stem side of the apple and peel downwards until you reach the other side. Continue doing this all around the apple.

Cut apples into circles. The size just needs to accommodate the cookie cutter that you use. Start by cutting the apple in half and then cutting the layers. The slices should be medium-sized.

Lay the apple slices on a large plate or cookie sheet. Gather together cookie cutters in shapes such as hearts, squares or even pumpkins. The cookie cutter must just be smaller than the slices of the apples.

Brush lemon juice directly onto the apple slices. Use a medium-sized brush and fresh or bottled lemon juice. Brush on a light layer and cover all of the apple slices with it. This keeps the apple slices from turning brown.

Set the cookie cutter in the middle of the apple slice. Push hard until it goes all the way through. Pull out the section of the apple on a different plate. Continue until they are all done.


  • If you are using large cookie cutters, choose large apples.