The t-shirt is a versatile fashion accessory, especially considering all of the projects that people make from its simple fabric. In an episode of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks asked her contestants to fashion a glamorous outfit from one simple t-shirt. When cutting a t-shirt to make it look more fashionable and sexy, nothing helps more than a few visuals and knowing just where to cut to get the look.

Things You'll Need

Pick out a t-shirt for your project. The shirt fabric needs to be easy to cut, such as cotton or a nylon derivative. Clean the shirt, if necessary, before you begin cutting and decorating.

Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface. With scissors, start cutting to the left of the center bottom hem, moving upwards just slightly to create a rounder, jersey cut on the side. Do the same cut to the other side.

Put the shirt on. The shirt is now longer on the bottom than the sides, which are curved upward to the seam. Ask someone else to mark on the back of your t-shirt where the bottom of your shoulder blades show. This step ensures that you cut the t-shirt in the right place.

Take the shirt off and place it front side down on the flat surface. Cut an even square out of the back, starting at the bottom hem and proceeding up to the pen marks for your shoulder blades. Set the square of fabric aside for use in a later step.

Cut four slits on the left and right sides of the square, evenly spaced to the bottom. The last slit on each side should be an inch from the bottom hem.

Returning to the square of fabric that you cut out of the back of the t-shirt, begin cutting this fabric in a spiral pattern, starting at the outer edge, to make a long string.

Thread the t-shirt string through the slit on the top left, bringing it across to the top right slit and pulling through. Continue to crisscross the string, then tie loosely at the bottom. Alternatively, ribbon, lace or shoestring also works for this t-shirt project.