Nectarines look and taste similar to it’s close relative the peach, but instead have smooth skin and no fuzz. The sweet fruit features a deep blush-colored skin and yellowish flesh. A nectarine’s flesh tends to bruise easily, so you must handle it with care. Cut up ripe and juicy nectarines to add flavor and texture to fruit salads. Sliced nectarines make a tasty ice cream topping, or you can use them as pie or pastry filling.

Things You'll Need

Rinse the nectarine under cool running water and dry it with a paper towel. There is no need to peel the fruit as its skin is thin and edible. Remove any stickers from the skin.

Place the nectarine on a cutting board. Cut along the fruit’s center seam using a sharp paring knife. Make a deep cut, all the way through to the pit.

Twist the cut nectarine in opposite directions so that you’re left holding two halves of the fruit. Remove the pit with your fingers or a spoon.

Cut the two nectarine halves into slices, quarters or bite-size chunks, depending on what you’re using the fruit for.