The mullet hairstyle first became popular with men and women in the 1980s. The hairstyle allowed both sexes to have long hair in the back with short, well-groomed hair in the front. The back hair could also be tied in a ponytail or tucked under the collar. The mullet complements most round faces, highlighting cheekbones and eyes.

Things You'll Need

Use a comb to divide the hair into four sections and secure with butterfly clips. The first section begins at the front of the hairline and ends at the center of the crown, creating a rough rectangle. The second section is from the center of the crown to the top portion of the back of the head. The remaining two sections are the sides of the head. Secure the back of the hair with an elastic rubber band.

Remove the two center crown butterfly clips and comb the hair toward the front, so it lies smooth over the forehead. Trim the bangs with hair cutting scissors to a desired length.

Remove the two side butterfly clips, comb the hair down and trim around the ears. Cut both sides on an angle, using the bangs as a guide.

Return to the top section of the hair to comb the hair upwards from both sides, holding the hair in the hands. Cut the hair the same length as the bangs. Continue cutting until the other side is reached to complete the front of the mullet.

Remove the elastic rubber band and comb out the hair. Leaving the back long, trim hair to desired length.