If you have recently acquired a fresh cantaloupe from a grocery store or farmer’s market, you may be wondering the best way to cut it. Cubed cantaloupe is convenient for parties as well as a healthy snack alternative; cubes are easy to prepare and small enough to fit into baggies or storage containers for later use. With the proper cutting technique and safety precautions, you can cut an entire cantaloupe into cubes in a matter of minutes. Once you get a hang of it, it will become a simple process.

Things You'll Need

Cut the cantaloupe in half using a long, sharp knife. Hold the cantaloupe firmly on a cutting board with one hand while you cut it with your other hand, being careful to keep the knife away from your fingers. Remove the seeds from the center of the cantaloupe and cut each half in half once more so that you have four pieces of cantaloupe.

Carefully cut off the fruit part from the cantaloupe rind from each piece. The easiest way to do this is to place the piece on its side and use your other hand to cut the fruit just next to the rind; this helps avoid any possible injuries from the piece sliding around on the cutting board.

Cut each half-moon cantaloupe piece into cubes of your desired size. For smaller cubes, cut the pieces lengthwise one more time before cutting the cubes; otherwise cut straight after removing the rind.

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