How to Cut a Cake Into Diamond Pieces

By Athena Hessong

Create an eye-catching presentation and serve bite-size pieces of cake by cutting a whole cake into diamonds. Your guests will think that you spent a fortune on a baker to prepare your cake when served in this manner. The small diamond pieces resemble petit fours. Think of it as petit four creation for beginners or those pressed for time. Pouring fondant or icing over the pieces after cutting covers all of the cut sides and saves you time from using a spatula to apply the icing over the intricate diamond shapes. This technique also works well when making petit fours or baklava.

Daughter cutting birthday cake for mother
credit: Darrin Klimek/Lifesize/Getty Images

Step 1

Trim the edges of the cake to make a rectangle or square.

Step 2

Cut your first slice at a 45 degree angle, starting 1 1/2 inches to the right of the upper left corner of the cake. Make slices all the way across the cake, keeping each cut parallel with the first. Space the slices 1 1/2 inches apart.

Step 3

Turn the cake 45 degrees (a quarter turn). Start 1 1/2 inches to the right of the upper left corner, and make a slice at a 45 degree angle. Make slices across the cake, spaced 2 inches apart, to create diamond shapes. Keep each cut parallel.

Step 4

Set the diamond pieces onto a baker's cooling rack with 1/2 inch of space on all sides. Because of the way the cake is cut, the four corners will be triangles, not diamonds, so you can discard them or use them as you prefer.

Step 5

Pour an even coating of fondant over all of the pieces to cover the tops and sides with a glaze.

Step 6

Let the cake diamond pieces cool to harden the fondant or icing.

Step 7

Serve each diamond shape on a miniature cupcake paper liner.