To avoid having this problem, use sunblock with SPF 30 or higher whenever you know you will be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, especially if it’s during the peak midday hours of 11am to 4pm.

However, if you’ve already got a sunburn, it’s too late for that. You need to take good care of your skin so that the burned area can heal quickly. Over-the-counter pain medication will take care of the ache that comes with sunburn, but what about the itching?

This article is here to help you.

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If the itch is really driving you nuts, before you do anything else, hold a piece of ice to the afflicted area. The cold will momentarily freeze the nerve endings there, putting the itch to a stop, albeit temporary.

Go to your nearest drugstore and purchase some aloe vera gel. Try to find one that’s 100% aloe vera if possible—but if not, just buy the one with the highest content of aloe vera in it. If the gel you purchase is not 100% aloe vera, check the ingredients and make sure it does not contain alcohol products, as these will dry out your skin and cause the itching to worsen.

Continue to apply the aloe vera gel as often as needed. If necessary, this can be as often as every fifteen or thirty minutes at first.

Drink lots of clear fluids—water or vitamin water is best. The hydration will reach your skin and lower the irritation in the burned area.

In two to three days, when the itching has lessened or stopped altogether, check to see if the skin has begun to peel. If so, don’t scratch or pull at the flaking skin. Stop by the drugstore again and look for A&D ointment. This is a very mild ointment, safe to use on babies, so it should be gentle enough for your sunburn. Apply it three to four times daily for the next two days, then switch to an unscented lotion such as Lubriderm. Use this until the flaking stops and your skin looks healthy again.


  • If you or someone you know grows aloe vera in his or her garden, check with him or her before you head to the drugstore. The best cure for sunburn itch is to cut a leaf from an aloe vera plant, split the leaf open, and run the liquid inside straight onto your burn.

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