Chafing of the thighs occurs when two warm, moist surfaces rub against one another. Chafing on the thighs can be painful and irritating. Fortunately, chafed skin can be treated at home in a few simple steps, in most cases. The key is to reduce the friction to which the skin on your thighs is exposed. However, if self-care fails to cure chafing on the thighs, you may need to seek professional care.

Things You'll Need

Clean your chafed thigh with water. Pat dry gently with a clean cloth.

Apply a heavy lubricant such as petroleum jelly to the affected area. This will help cut down on the amount of friction to which the skin is exposed and the moisture barrier the lubricant provides will help promote healing.

Dress in clothing that is free of seams that rub or irritate your thighs. Choose exercise clothing that is fitted and moisture resistant. Remove clothing that is wet from sweat or water as quickly as possible because moisture is a contributing factor to chafing.

Powder your thighs before engaging in physical activities. The powder helps keep your thighs dry because it creates a moisture barrier over the surface of your skin.