Creating the cat’s eye look by creatively applying makeup will give your eyes a provocative appeal and draw people’s attention to those “windows to your soul.” Almost anyone can wear this look to great advantage.

Evenly apply the base makeup as usual to the entire eye. Use a lighter color as the base to allow the cat’s eye to stand out more.

Outline the ridge of the eyelid with a dark color. This will give the eyes more depth.

Move the applicator up towards the corner of the eyebrow with the same color you used to outline the ridge of the eyelid. Make sure your line is straight and does not go past the corner of the eyebrow. The darker the line, the more noticeable the cat’s eye.

Wipe away any excess makeup with a sponge or a cotton swab. Also wipe away any makeup that may seem too dark. Gently wiping your outline will give it a softer look that bends in with the eye shadow base.

Check both eyes carefully. Make sure the eye makeup is applied evenly on both eyes. When you look in the mirror, you should have cat’s eyes peering back at you.