People who wear eye makeup often experiment with eye makeup removers because of sensitive eyes or an allergic reaction to ingredients found in commercial eye makeup removers. Traditional and natural grocers, department stores and drugstores offer natural and organic alternatives. You can make your own eye makeup remover, which can save you money and limit your eye makeup remover ingredients to a few that you trust.

Things You'll Need

Sterilize a new, small glass bottle by submerging it in boiling water for 30 seconds. Allow to cool.

Pour 4 tbsp. of grape seed oil and 2 tbsp. of castor oil into the bottle. Mix and match more than two oils, if you wish, and experiment with the oil ratio you prefer. Substitute extra virgin olive oil or canola oil for the castor oil and jojoba oil or almond oil for the grape seed oil. Mix well.

Cap the bottle. List the contents on a label with a marker. Include the earliest expiration date from the original oil bottles to know how long you should keep your oil since vegetable oils become rancid over time.