How many times have you purchased an expensive mascara that gives you “long, beautiful lashes with extra volume,” only to discover that it is no better than the last one you purchased? The truth is–no matter what type of eyelashes you were born with, long or short, full or not–no mascara can extend your eyelashes. Only eyelash extensions at your local nail salon can. However, you can still create the image of long eyelashes with mascara.

Things You'll Need

Clean your eyelashes of any previous mascara applications by gently rinsing them with water.

Turn your blow dryer on to the cool setting, or use the high setting and press the “cool shot” button (the name of this button will vary depending on the blow dryer).

Apply the mascara on beginning at the eyelid then outward as you blow-dry the lashes. Aim the air from the blow dryer upward so it makes your eyelashes look longer and fuller.


  • Aiming the blow dryer straight into your eyes will only cause the lashes to spread from side to side.

References and Resources

Watch a video on how to curl eyelashes.