Most regular people will never attend a royal wedding, go to the horse races at Ascot in England, or grace the red carpet at a major international awards show. But you can dress like those who do, especially when it comes to hair ornaments and glamorous hats. The British tradition of “fascinators” for hair and hat decor took the United States by storm in the first decade of the 2000s. Make your own feather fascinators to get this trendy look for a fraction of the cost spent by international celebrities.

Things You'll Need

Select satin cording in a color to match your outfit or the occasion. Tuck one end into the comb or clip and glue it into place. Carefully wrap the cording around the top of the comb by pulling it through the teeth and around the top. Continue wrapping until the entire top of the comb is covered. Cut off the cording and glue the cut end into place. Allow the glue to dry for 30 to 60 minutes.

Select five or six color-coordinated feathers of varying styles and sizes. Glue them to the corded section of the comb; allow them to point in a variety of directions. Allow glue to dry.

Glue one or two color-coordinated artificial flowers into the center of the glued-on feathers to cover the comb and the feather quills. Add cut pieces of satin ribbon to dangle down from the flowers.

Embellish your fascinator with beads, pearls or other items as desired. Dress it up or down depending on the occasion for which it will be worn–add glittery netting or sequins for a formal event or bright-colored beads and small feathers for a fun night out.

Wear the fascinator on one side of the head; secure the comb with a few bobby pins, if needed.


  • Use barrettes, headbands, or small hats as the base for your fascinator. Simply cover the headband or barrette with cording or ribbon and add decorations, or sew and glue the selected decorations to a simple, purchased, undecorated hat.