Plastic and rubber flip-flops are a summer staple, with some teens and college kids even pushing their wear long past the warm weather. To keep your footwear current, or just to match your flip-flops with your outfits, you can easily make fluffy fabric-tied flip-flops. This is an appropriate craft for scout troops, sororities and cheerleading squads, as you can decorate the sandals in colors to coordinate with your organization. No sewing knowledge is necessary to create fabric-tied flip-flops.

Things You'll Need

Fold and lay your fabric on a flat surface. Cut 1-inch strips in whatever direction you wish, letting the fabric pattern be your guide.

Take a strip of fabric and place it under the flip-flop strap. Tie the strip in a tight double knot. Keep repeating this step with the remaining strips until you have completely covered the strap all the way around the flip-flop.

Trim the ends of the fabric. Make the toe end of the flip-flop fabric a little longer than the sides.

Add glitter by spraying the fabric with a glitter-glue spray and then letting them dry. Stitch craft jewels to the fabric strips for added glitz.

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