From their polished sense of style to their refined, elegant attitude, there’s no denying that Parisian women have an enviably cool appeal. What’s even more admirable is their effortless, understated and fresh-faced makeup look. Bring that subtly stunning, looks-like-you-didn’t-even-try style into your own makeup routine in just a few simple steps.

Flawless Base

For the French woman, makeup is all about enhancing her natural beauty — rather than covering it up with layers of heavy liquid or cream foundations. Start by applying a small amount of primer to your face to smooth pores and ensure a long-lasting look. Add just one layer of a lightweight tinted moisturizer — or BB or CC cream, which is lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizer. Blend with your fingers or a foundation brush until it is evenly distributed. If necessary, apply concealer to under-eye areas or blemishes that may need lightening or masking.

Barely Flushed Cheeks

Add just the slightest hint of color to your cheeks with a dot of cream blush or a sweep of powder blush to the apples of your cheeks. Look for a color that complements your skin but falls in the rosy pink color family, as the goal is to enhance the natural flush of luminous skin. Avoid using bronzers or heavy layers of blush, which ruins the natural-but-better effect.

Understated Eyes

Bright eyeshadows and smoky eyes are a rare sight on Parisian women. Instead, keep your eyeshadow neutral by applying a base of taupe and nude shades over the entire lid. Add a single layer of liquid black eyeliner to the top of each lid, subtly flaring it at the outer corner of each eye to create an understated cat eye effect. Finish the entire eye look with one or two coats of black mascara to enhance your lashes without creating clumps.

Kissable Lips

For the average French woman, a red lip is key to any gorgeous face. Use a color-rich shade of red that’s more matte than shiny, and apply one or two layers directly to clean, balm-free lips. If a red lip is too bold for your everyday look, opt for a nude pout that’s enhanced with a single swipe of clear moisturizing lip gloss for a natural smile that shines all day.