The butterfly clip, sometimes called jaw clip is a very popular hair accessory to create hairstyles for women. We are going to make instant updo using the butterfly clip. This updo is very simple in which many call it the “lazy girl” style; works well for long and short hair. “Lazy girl” looks symmetrical, clean, casual and not too fancy, especially when viewed from the side and back. It is not too tight, either. This updo will look more classy if you have highlights in your hair.

Things You'll Need

Starting with dry clean hair, apply a flexible hairspray to your hair, let dry. Use a paddle brush to smooth your hair around your crown and behind your ears.

Pull and catch all of your hair straight back, and up; forming it in a high ponytail. Turn the ponytail into a twist and hold it in your hand.

You have two choices here: (1)For a casual look > leave the hair ends facing ‘up’ (like the model in the article picture), or, (2)For a formal look > leave the hair ends ‘under’.

Hold the twisted high back ponytail with one hand while you secure it using the butterfly clip with the other hand. You are done!