The glamorous hairstyles of Rita Hayworth and Bette Davis are the epitome of 1940s glamour. The ’40s were exemplified with curls in every hairstyle. Curls were the definition of polished femininity. These old school styles are still very much en vogue. The side parts and pin curls of yesteryear are deemed too delicate by some to replicate authentically in present day. With a few tips, you can replicate a 1940s hairstyle in your own home.

Things You'll Need

Pin the entire head in pin curls. To do this, comb the hair out in 1-inch sections and roll them around the index finger. Once secured, push the curl to the root of the head with your hand.

Place two bobby pins in the hair to hold the curl in place. The first bobby pin should go straight across the middle of the curl to anchor it to the hair. The second bobby pin should go in the hair in an angle perpendicular to the first bobby pin. The end result should appear as if the bobby pins are making the letter “X” on top of the curl.

Repeat the pinning process until the entire head is pin curled and leave the style to set for at least 8 hours. It is recommended to try this style at night, so that it may set appropriately.

Remove the pins after the required setting time and gently shape the curls with your finger. This is the basic starting point for any ’40s style.

Comb the hair to one side and bobby pin for a page boy look that is simple yet elegant.

Pull your hair into a ponytail after making a side part to pull of a ’40s school girl look. You can also pull your front bangs out and roll them towards your forehead and then pin them for extra height and a cool ’40s rockabilly look.

Finish with hairspray after you’ve decided your look. No ’40s style is complete without hairspray to hold it all together.

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