Cold sores are small reddish or purple blisters usually occurring on the outer edge of the lip. It is possible for cold sores to appear one at a time, or in small clusters. The herpes simplex virus 1 is responsible for cold sores; and they are capable of recurring throughout a person’s lifetime. Left alone, cold sores will dry up and go away on their own, after many days. However, it is possible to hasten the healing process of a cold sore, or cover one up.

Things You'll Need

Apply a thin layer of cold sore cream to the affected area. This will reduce irritation and help the healing process.

Cover the area with another thin layer of petroleum jelly.

Dab a bit of concealer to the affected area where the cream and jelly are.


  • Avoid sharing drinks or kissing anyone with a cold sore as they are contagious.