Having a tattoo can be an expressive way of showing your love for the arts, but your outward expression may not go down well in certain situations. Some career fields such as modeling, law enforcement, military and banking, may require that you cover your tattoos. This is easy if your tattoo is in an area that you can cover with clothing, but some tattoos may be on your upper arm, hands, neck or your face. If you have a black tattoo in these areas you can use highly pigmented body makeup to cover it .

Things You'll Need

Locate a store that sells body cover makeup. Choose a color that is the same as your skin color. If you cannot find your exact color, you may have to purchase more than one color to mix together, to find your exact shade.

Wash the tattooed area and lotion it. The suggested lotion to use is one with Vitamin E and SPF protection.

Rub your hands over the squeeze bottle several times to warm the body makeup.

Squeeze the make up onto your hand. You may want to wear gloves, if you don’t want to get the makeup on the palm of your hands.

Apply the makeup to the tattoo starting at the top and rubbing downward. Continue doing this on all areas of the tattoo. Do not rub the makeup in an up and down motion or in a circular motion. Add as much as necessary, making sure to smooth out the edges, so the makeup will blend to your natural skin color.

Dry the makeup by using a blow dryer on a cooling setting for roughly a minute. If you do not have a blow dryer, air dry the makeup. Do not touch anything to your skin, or the makeup will come off.

Apply the setting powder with a puff. Make sure you cover the complete area with the powder. Once you have finished applying the powder with a puff, use a powder brush to remove the excess powder.