It looks light and luscious in a tall glass filled with ice, but cranberry juice also is something of a liquid combatant. It can fight urinary tract infections and fortify the immune system, break down the bacteria that causes plaque on your teeth and and help lower cholesterol levels. The one downside to cranberry juice? It can be a bitter “pill” to swallow. Find ways to counteract this effect before savoring its taste and natural healing powers.

Things You'll Need

Mix cranberry juice with some water. Use water from the tap or add additional flavor with fruit-flavored bottled water. Don’t underestimate the influence of ice cubes, which eventually melt and dilute the cranberry juice.

Add fresh, natural juices to your cranberry juice, such as apple, orange or grapefruit juice. Add a splash of these other juices and mix the drink thoroughly.

Puree fresh fruit in a blender and add it to the cranberry juice. Seedless oranges, cherries and grapes, which are naturally sweet, can add a tasty dimension to cranberry juice. Top your drink with some finely diced apple or an apple ring.

Pull out the stops and make a cranberry smoothie. Place fresh cranberries, honey, water, cut-up pears and lots of ice into a blender. Puree until the smoothie reaches the taste and consistency you like, adding more ice or ingredients as needed.


  • Pour cranberry juice into an ice cube tray and freeze, using the cranberry cubes to complement ice water in pitchers or individual servings.