Whether you chop and saute raw onions to add to a dish, or place them in a sandwich or salad, onions are common in most households. Onions are often used to add flavor to foods, but can be the featured ingredient sometimes, as in onion rings. Some recipes for onions require the core to be removed. Removing the core of the onion is very simple using an apple slicer and corer. If you want to keep the onion whole for stuffed onion, use a melon baller to scoop out the core.

Things You'll Need

Apple Corer

Place the unpeeled onion on a clean cutting board.

Place the apple slicer and corer on top, centering the middle hole directly over the center of the onion.

Hold both handles of the apple slicer firmly and push down through the onion. The onion will now be evenly sliced and the core exposed.

Peel the brown skin off of the slices and use the sliced onions as you wish. Discard the core.

Melon Baller

Slice off the top of the onion

Cut a circle in the center of the onion around the core.

Use a melon baller to scoop out the onion core, until you reach the bottom. For a wider hole, core out around the center until the hole is big enough to your liking.


  • Softening up the onions by baking or boiling them in water to make coring out the center easier.