Coordinating both cobalt blue and salmon colors can be done, carefully, because blue and orange are complementary colors on the color wheel. Unfortunately, because both cobalt and salmon are such bright colors, not everyone looks fantastic wearing them together. Even if you don’t have the skin tone of your dreams, though, you can try this combination out by choosing one color and accenting with the other.

Try on some cobalt blue and salmon colored clothes to see which color looks better on you. If you have very dark, warm-toned skin, you probably look good in salmon. If you have pale, cool-toned skin, you might look better in cobalt.

Choose one dress, sweater or top in the color that looks best on you. Don’t choose something in a pattern with other colors if you’re not sure they will fit in with the salmon and cobalt scheme you’re assembling. For example, don’t pick a cobalt blue dress with dark red details on it. Look for a solid-colored garment.

Match your top with black or white pants or a skirt. You don’t want to add another color to your already colorful ensemble, and saturated shades of cobalt and salmon don’t look good with other neutral colors like brown. Black and white are your safest bets.

Buy accessories, such as earrings, shoes or a bracelet, in the other color. For example, if you bought a cobalt sweater, buy salmon earrings. If you bought salmon dress, buy a cobalt belt. By adding small accents of the complementary color, you won’t end up looking so colorful that you look clownish.

Buy a handbag in the complementary color, alternately, if you know that it doesn’t look good with your skin tone. For example, if you have a cobalt dress and you know salmon looks bad on you but you like the color, but a salmon-colored purse.


  • These tips also apply to interior decor. Choose one color to paint your room, add neutral furniture and accent with the other color.