Tri Tip is a triangle shaped cut of beef that is taken from the bottom of the sirloin. It is well marbled with fat and, when cooked right, makes for a delicious and juicy piece of meat. It is not hard to prepare or to cook. Utilize easy to use prepared steak seasoning to create a nice meal. Cooking tri tip on a grill is an easy way to prepare it.

Things You'll Need

How to Cook Tri Tip

When choosing a tri tip look for one that has an even marbling or mixture of fat and meat. Usually tri tips can be bought “trimmed” or “untrimmed”. “Untrimmed” means that there is a thick layer of fat around the edge of the steak. You can either buy the meat like this and trim the fat off when you get home, or buy it already prepared and ready for cooking.

Before cooking the tri tip allow it to reach room temperature. This will make it easier to cook and know when it is done.

Once it has reached room temperature, sprinkle the meat with a light dusting of meat tenderizer. Do not put too much or the meat will turn out mushy.

Cover the meat with a dry rub of your choice. Put just enough to season the meat. Too much seasoning will make the meat inedible.

Put the meat on a cookie sheet or platter while you heat the grill. It should be about 400°F before you start cooking.

Place the meat on one of the middle racks of your grill. Do not put it directly on the heat or it will burn or cook unevenly. Allow one side to cook for about 15 minutes and then flip the steak using tongs. Cook the other side for the same amount of time.

Most people like tri tip to be medium, or cooked with a little pink left in the center of the steak. This will take about 30 minutes of cooking. For well done tri tip cook each side for a little longer.

Let the meat rest off the grill for about the last 10 minutes of cooking time. It will continue to cook.


  • Cut the tri tip into about ½ inch thick pieces before serving.

  • Serve tri tip along side garlic bread, salad and a potato dish for a complete meal.