Perhaps every year you grow or are given several pounds of yellow squash. Maybe you have sauteed it in butter and mixed it with zucchini and grilled it. But the quickest way to use it all is to make a casserole. If you’ve already tried this and ended up with a decent, but not great, casserole, you can fix it. Set aside a few minutes to tweak your recipe—by making a few simple changes you can proudly serve a top-shelf batch of squash casserole.

Cut fresh yellow squash into large chunks. Fresh squash has the best texture and flavor and hasn’t been pre-cut. You can use frozen and canned squash, but to make a premium-tasting casserole you need to use the freshest ingredients. Depending on the amount of people you plan to serve, expect to use about six cups of squash.

Use real butter and sour cream to add a smooth texture and full flavor to the casserole. Again, you can use margarine, low fat sour cream or a canned soup, but when you want to make the most flavorful squash casserole, you need to use full-bodied ingredients.

Add spices or other ingredients to ramp up the flavor; use spices like cayenne pepper, curry and red pepper flakes. Brown a half-pound of spicy pork sausage and stir it into your squash mixture. Cover the casserole with pepper jack cheese instead of cheddar.

Watch the clock; don’t over cook or burn the casserole. Remember, the longer it cooks the mushier the squash will get. The squash should be chewable.