Grilling gives pizza a mildly smoky flavor. Cooking pizza on a grill differs from conventional pizza making in several ways. The dough is cooked on both sides and toppings are only added after the crust is nearly done. While you can use a ready-made pizza crust, you’ll be better able to control the consistency, thickness and crispness if you prepare your own.

Things You'll Need

Homemade Pizza Dough

Lightly oil a baking sheet. Place the pizza dough in the center. Roll or gently stretch the dough into your desired shape.

Prepare all the toppings you plan to use on the pizza. Arrange them in bowls or platters you can easily transport to the grill.

Heat a grill to 600 degrees Fahrenheit or as close to that temperature as possible. Use a wire brush to clean the grate. Coat the grill with vegetable oil.

Place the prepared pizza dough onto the grill over direct heat, with the side that had been touching the oiled baking sheet in contact with the grill. Brush the top side of the dough with vegetable oil.

Grill the dough for approximately three minutes or until the crust is lightly browned and has distinct grill marks. Use tongs and a spatula to flip over the pizza dough to the other side.

Add your toppings to the pizza immediately. Close the grill’s lid and it allow to cook about three to five minutes or until any cheese is melted and the edges of the crust appear crisp.

Slide the pizza onto a clean baking sheet. Let it cool for several minutes before serving.

Using a Ready-Made Pizza Crust

Use a thin pizza crust. Prepare your toppings.

Set the grill to high and allow it to preheat for 10 to 15 minutes. Push the coals of a charcoal grill to one side or turn off a burner on a gas grill to allow you to cook the pizza over indirect heat.

Brush one side of the crust with oil. Place this side facedown on the portion of the grill set up for indirect heat.

Grill for two to four minutes. Brush the top half of the crust with oil and turn it over, grilling the other side for another two to four minutes.

Slide the crust off the grill and onto a baking sheet. Put toppings on the pizza. Place it back on the grill and cook on indirect heat for approximately eight to 10 minutes or until any cheese is melted and the crust has reached your desired crispness.

Take the pizza off the grill. Cool for a few minutes before serving.