Eating healthy and cooking healthy is the key to longevity and a quality life that is free of disease and full of vitality. Authentic Chinese dishes incorporate various medicinal herbs and ingredients to help support the body’s immune system, detoxify and purify the blood. There are certain dishes that are favorites among Asian families; one is congee, a type of rice soup that is easy to make and very tasty. It is great for a snack or breakfast, especially if you are feeling a little under the weather or recovering from an illness. Chinese lobster congee soup can also be offered at dinner parties or just enjoyed with the family while celebrating a special occasion. Here is how to prepare it.

Things You'll Need

Steam the lobster by first cleaning it and then placing it into the pot steamer. Depending on the size of the lobster, approximately 20 to 30 minutes of cooking is enough. Don’t overcook the lobster or the flavor will diminish. Save the liquid to make a lobster bisque or sauce.

Wash the rice thoroughly and then place into 3 to 4 times more water than normal to cook the rice soup. A good way to gauge the proper amount of water is to make sure the water level reaches and covers 3/4 or the whole of your index finger when placed on the rice surface. Allow it to simmer slowly for a few hours with regular checks and occasional stirring to ensure that the rice doesn’t stick to the bottom of the rice cooker. Add a small teaspoon of sea salt for taste. Also throw in some ginger slices and a few chopped spring onions.

Use the liquid from the lobster to make a tasty sauce. Add diced ginger, shallot onions and quick fry in a wok. Add soy sauce and sea salt to taste. Sprinkle the sauce over the top of the congee soup or serve separately on a dish.

Wash and prepare the Chinese green vegetable. You can use bok choi or napa (chinese cabbage) or a variety of exotic healthy oriental vegetables. Quick steam the vegetable for a few minutes and pour some light lobster or oyster sauce over the top. Substitute the lobster or oyster sauce with light sodium soy sauce if it is too salty for your taste.


  • Serve the soup with steamed chicken and Chinese spring onion sauce.

  • Rice congee soup is great served with a hot cup of Chinese fragrant tea. Jasmine or green tea are a couple of favorites that are healthy and full of antioxidants.