Every night Grandma cooked meat, potatoes and vegetables for dinner. She never knew the simplicity of cooking the potatoes on the grill in foil. Cooking potatoes on the grill is simple and gives you a delicious, nutritious potato. Potatoes provide vitamins C and B6, potassium and manganese. They are low in fat and a good source of fiber if the skins are left on. Three easy methods of preparation keep the cook from running from oven to grill.

Things You'll Need

Grilled Baked Potatoes In Foil

Wash one russet potato per serving. Pierce the skins with a fork three times.

Tear an 8-inch piece of foil for each potato and lay the pieces on your counter. Spray the foil lightly with cooking spray.

Place a potato in the center of each piece of foil. Wrap the potato tightly in the foil.

Place the potatoes on the top rack of the grill (or on indirect high heat) and close the hood.

Check the potatoes in 35 minutes by poking through the foil. If the potato is soft, it is done. An average grill will typically cook them in about 45 minutes.

Grilled Sliced Potatoes In Foil

Sliver Yukon Gold potatoes and onions in quarter-inch inch slices.

Tear an 18-inch piece of foil. Place it on the counter and spray it with cooking spray.

Layer potato and onion slices in a circle on the foil 6 inches from its edge. For four servings you should have about a 3-inch pile. Crack pepper over the top and salt if desired. Place one pat of butter per potato on the top of the pile.

Bring two sides of foil up to meet. Crimp them together. Bring up the other two sides and do the same.

Ensure the foil packet is doubly sealed by placing a larger sheet of foil on the counter. Wrap the package in it. Set the grill to medium heat and place the package on the grill. Close the hood.

Check for doneness at 20 minutes by carefully removing the package from the grill, taking care not to tear the foil. Pry the package apart with two forks. Stand clear of steam and test by inserting a fork into the potatoes. They should be tender but not mushy.

Grilled Potato Chunks In Foil

Tear an 18-inch piece of foil. Place it on the counter and spray it with cooking spray.

Cut red new potatoes into bite-size cubes. Spread potato chunks on the foil in a single layer. Salt and pepper. Sprinkle lightly with steak seasoning and/or dill if desired.

Push the chunks to the center, taking care not to rip the foil. Place sprigs of rosemary on the top of the pile. Add four pats of butter. Fold the sides and corners up and crimp together. Wrap in another piece of foil.

Place the packet on the grill, close the hood and grill the packet on medium heat for 20 minutes. Test for doneness by carefully opening the foil and checking the firmness of the potatoes. They should be just tender. Carefully unwrap and remove rosemary sprigs.