Carrots are good for you and delicious. I’m going to tell you how to make some delicious cooked carrots that will knock the socks off your dinner guests or your family. Even kids will eat them!

Things You'll Need

Get out a medium frying pan and simmer some olive oil in it at a medium temperature.

Place peeled, washed, carrot chunks into the pan and add your dill weed and 2 to 3 tbsps of sugar or splenda ( or whatever sweetener you prefer ) to them as you swirl them around in the oil.

Simmer carrots in spices, sugar, and oil until a fork easily pierces through them or till the carrots have reached their desired tenderness. They are smelling great by now and you’re family is probably complimenting already!

Now let them cool off to edible temperature if you can wait that long!

Eat them and listen to all the compliments you get on your carrots.


  • Keep adding oil as needed so the carrots are in a little bit of oil at all times.

  • Feel free to substitute other spices suiting your personal taste.