The bratwurst is the ultimate sausage to many people. There are many methods to cook the “brat”, but one that is often overlooked is rotisserie cooking. Try this the next time you make brats. This method will give your brat a crisp outer skin, along with a juicy flavorful center.

Things You'll Need

Set the rotisserie on a level cooking surface, such as a countertop. Locate the rotisserie basket, where you will place the bratwurst during the cooking process.

Place the bratwursts on a plate. Baste each brat with the olive oil using a basting brush. Make sure you cover the entire bratwurst. The olive oil will help keep the bratwurst moist during the cooking process.

Place each bratwurst in the rotisserie basket, arranging evenly. Do not overlap the bratwursts or put them all on one side because the basket will rotate.

Close the basket lid, making sure you have a tight seal. If it’s not tight, the brats could shift and possibly fall out during the cooking process.

Insert the basket in the rotisserie, following the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific machine. Make sure that the drip pan is in place underneath. Cook at 400 F — if your rotisserie has a temperature control — and cook for approximately 35 minutes or until the brats have reached a golden-brown color.


  • Use a meat thermometer to ensure that the bratwurst is completely cooked. The USDA states the minimum internal temperature is 160 F.

  • You can add onions to the bratwurst if you choose. Just cut up one onion into quarters. Place the onion quarters into a bowl and pour 1 tbsp. olive oil over the onion quarters. Mix thoroughly. Place the quarters in between the bratwurst in the basket.

  • You can place aluminum foil into the corners of the basket to keep the bratwurst from moving around.