Thongs are the hot item in women’s underwear fashion, but these sexy panties may not be your parent’s idea of proper dress. If you want to wear a thong and you know that your parents will protest, there are a few things you can do to help convince them.

Speak to Mom first, as Dad will probably have a harder time understanding the intricacies of women’s underwear. Dads also tend to be extremely protective of their daughters, and therefore will put up a much larger fight. Once you talk to your Mom, she can discuss the subject with your Dad.

Convince your parents that you will not wear a thong to draw attention, you will wear one to reduce attention. Normal panties cause attention grabbing panty lines, exactly the sort of focus to your bum you are trying to reduce with a thong.

Promise your parents that you will not flaunt your thong. While many girls like to wear the straps of their thong above the waistline of their pants for that sexy “I’m wearing a thong” look, convince your parents that only you will know when you’re sporting your fancy undies.

Go shopping with your Mom, and try to convince her while you are in the store. Select a modest thong with a bit more fabric, to start. Thongs are available in extremely comfortable, plain cotton versions which aren’t modest, but aren’t slinky either. You might even talk your Mom into buying one for herself.


  • If you want to convince your parents that you are mature enough to wear sexy women’s panties, then keep your argument mature as well. Do not beg, and do not use the reasoning, “Everyone is doing it,” as these are sure ways to hear a solid no.